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An adventure tour of the east coast of Sicily island in Italy

If you need to find adventure vacations and live unique experiences, maybe the south of Italy could be a great choice. Here you are an easy to read article about a tour by bicycle of the east coast of the Sicily island.


It’s a great chance to join together fitness and culture. You could:

* Ride through ancient landscapes and cultures
* See breathtaking panoramas
* Learn more about ancient history of the Greek and Arabic cultures
* View the folkloristic attractions

How to Prepare for Adventure Hiking and What to Bring with You

Hiking is a good adventure travel activity to practice. If you think to organize an adventure hiking trip than read these simple guide to start to organize your trip. As you can see the guide is formed by these sections where you can find the core aspects you need to enjoy. How to plan a trip # Define Your Trip Style Does hiking in the Adirondacks or the Rockies sound like fun? Do you want to camp out at night, bunk in a rustic hut or overnight in a luxurious lodge? Would you rather walk from one European town to the next, stopping at small cafes where you can chat with locals while eating lunch

Our Biking Trip in Tuscany and Marche in Italy

Friday 1 July 2005 I purchased my first moleskine (notebook used by Matisse, Céline, Hemingway and in particular by Bruce Chatwin that made him famous by writing notes of his mythical trip to Patagonia), in the hope of write reports of future travel and experience worthy of being transcribed and remember.

Only a few hours after receiving the unexpected call from Antonio (like me belonging to the “Jesi Cycling Team,” amateur cycling team) I propose to participate on 9 and July 10 to the trip Fabriano – Pisa, in two stages, of course cycling.

In total about 420 km but I will ensure that cycling for 20 km / h, which will carry out various stops for refreshments.

Our Trekking in the Abruzzi National Park

I live in northern Italy and I have a discrete experience in mountaineering (Val d’Aosta, Alps and prealps Lombard, Dolomites etc..)

I would never have imagined the mountain landscapes so “different” and at the same time so exciting!

The possibility of hiking and trekking at all levels are virtually endless.

Our stay in Abruzzo took place in April, but they told me the good autumn and winter.

I also discovered to my great happiness that in winter there is ample opportunity to practice cross-country skiing and hiking.

I am not to describe hiking trails that we have come (there are about all guides); prefer to recall some emotions that have hit much me and my family:

Andrew Skurka’s Top 10 Hikes

National Geographic had uber-hiker Andrew Skurka , their Adventurer of the Year , come up with his top ten favorite hikes

Andrew Skurka has hiked the best trails more of this fine country than most of us will in a lifetime.

Health Benefits of Trekking

Walking for hours without haste, in a healthy environment, where the air is clean, has a positive impact on all aspects of muscles and ligaments, joints, heart and lungs.

The cardiovascular system in particular is the one who is most affected by the beneficial effects of trekking. The heart gets used to support a job not very intense but prolonged.


Adventure Travel News of The Week

3 News I like to share about biking

KENMARE, N.D. – A three-day bicycle tour in north- central North Dakota has grown in popularity in its three years, and this year’s event might feature 100 or more riders.

The 160-mile Bike the Border Bicycle Tour gets under way June 20 in Kenmare.

“I was a nonrider when this started, and I got a bike and did it the first year,” said Barb Otto of Mohall, chairwoman of the tour. “And if I can do it at the age of 50, anyone can do it.”

Stops on the tour this year include Bowbells, Stanley, Tioga and Powers Lake.

North Dakota has other annual bike tours. The most notable are Cycling Around North Dakota in Sakakawea Country in the western part of the state, and the Red River International Bike Tour in the east.

Our Trip in Nepal

Our journey began in the spring (2004) when we decided it was time to realize our dream in the drawer: go to the Valley of the Gods, Nepal and the Roof of the World, Tibet.

The condition binding of departure was to do an organised trip; for Nepal we have not met major difficulties, while for Tibet, despite our tenacity, we have had to surrender to the Chinese bureaucracy and the awareness that we could not turn to a ‘Travel agency.

Because we have 3 weeks we decided to break up the trip in this way: the first week to spend a KTM and its surroundings, the second in Tibet and the third again in Nepal, and after that Bhaktapur to return to KTM again there and spend the festival of Dasain, the most important festival of the Nepalese consecrated to the goddess Durga in which, in honour of the goddess, blood is made to scroll rivers.

My View on Texas

Few other American states are so frequent use of its flag as the Texans. Originally Texas knew the domain of Spain and then Mexico. In 1836 its inhabitants undertook a revolt against the central government which led to the establishment of a free state.

The Texas independent survived until 1845, when joined the USA.

The Texans are known for generosity and hospitality skills in addition to the unusual manner with which speak English. Chatting with them is generally a pleasant experience as enjoyable is a visit to their varied country: in the area of hills (Hill Country) inhabit Germans who have preserved traditions typical; down south along the valley of the Rio Grande are Chicanos, passionate flamenco dancers and these are just two examples of the many cultures that come together in this extraordinary country.

The most beautiful places to visit before you die

I take inspiration from this site in order to offer some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, absolutely to visit.


* Colosseum (Amphitheatre Flavio) – The most famous monument of Ancient Rome, an amphitheatre in which they enhanced the three classics: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

* Pantheon – A temple built in 120dc, whose forms have remained perfect for centuries (and still continue to do so) a reference for architects worldwide.
* San Pietro – The most important religious building of the world, with its famous colonnade and its baroque interior.


* Eiffel Tower – Built in 1889 on the occasion of World Paris, was to be dismantled immediately but still is the symbol of France and Paris.

* Louvre Museum – One of the most important centres of European art, the museum itself is a work of baroque and contemporary art.

The night flights produce twice the emissions of CO2

That’s what some british researchers argue according to which shifting all flights in the United Kingdom during the day, would be a reduction of 2.5% of total carbon dioxide

Banning night flights would reduce significantly the impact of the aviation environment. It emerges from a study at the University of Leeds in Great Britain. The planes that fly at night produce twice the emissions of carbon dioxide.

According to the prestigious scientific journal Nature, shows that the search for Piers Foster and his english colleagues, the condensation trails left by the aircraft accentuate the greenhouse effect because they trap heat as the clouds.

Where I’ve Passed my Last Vacations…Radda in Chianti

Radda in Chianti is located in the heart of Chianti Classico. In the second half of two hundred Florence organized its countryside in what was a mayor.

In 1415 Radda was declared capital of the League of Chianti, and it therefore took home the Podestà with jurisdiction over terzieri of Radda, Gaiole and Castellina.

The story of Radda, for the position of the border, is influenced by the war between Siena and Florence; being under the protection of the latter did not have peace if not with the end of the republic Senese.

If You want to bike Italy then read this…

trekking on etna

Taormina is a resort of international fame on the Ionian coast of Sicily. It’s much appreciated for the magnificent natural setting in which it is found and for the rich archaeological evidence of its past. Famous for its cultural events that took place mainly in summer….more

Chianti is a vast landscape that has been base of one of the many films that were shot in this area. It’s found between Florence and Siena, bounded by rivers Arno, Elsa, Ombrone and Arbia.

The strategic importance in the past Chianti today allows visitors to understand beautiful medieval villages, many fortified castles and churches….more

Before leaving make 2 copies of your passport. Take a copy with you, but keep it in a place different from your original passport. Leave your 2nd copy with a family member. If something were to happen to your passport lost or stolen, having this information can replace a passport much easier.

Visa : Be sure to check the visa needs of all the countries you are visiting or transiting through the. Contact with the consulate of the country you plan to visit ask details on visas.

For international flights, each passenger is allowed to check 2 sacks and 1 bag to continue. The maximum size for checked baggage is 62 inches (length + width + height) and dimensions for 2 sacks combined should not exceed 107 inches….more

Tips to Travel in Italy

Top Attractions in Italy:

# Venice, (Venezia in Italian) is still one of the most interesting and lovely places in the world. This sanctuary on a lagoon is virtually the same as it was five hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. Venice has decayed since its heyday and is heavily touristed (there are slightly more tourists than residents), but the romantic charm remains.
# Sardinia is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. 1.800 kilometres of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history.
# Sicily, is a mountainous arid island as an extension of the Apennine Mountains separated from the mainland by the Straits of Messina. Many powers have occupied this strategically important area: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Phoenicians and of course the Mafia.
# Capri, is an island off the coast from Naples. It is a popular place for daytrips. Villages on the island include Marina Grande – the place where you arrive by boat, and Anacapri, up in the mountains, and Marina Piccola which has a smaller port.
# Lake Garda, is located on the border of Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and that’s saying quite a lot.

At the discovery of the Italian Islands for a perfect bike tour

A 8 days self guided Tuscany bicycle tour from April to October

* Day 1: individual arrival in Olbia, transfer in Dorgali
* Day 2: Dorgali – Tiscali – Valley of Lanaitto, return in Dorgali
* Day 3: Dorgali – Gola Gorropu – Dorgali
* Day 4: Excursion and tour in 4×4 over the Supramonte Orgolese, return in Dorgali
* Day 5: Archaelogical itinerary: Domus Janas, the Nuraghi, the Tombe dei Giganti, transfer in Cala Gonone.
* Day 6: Monte Maccione and Scala Pradu, up to the highest pick of the Supramonte. Return in Cala Gonone
* Day 7: Departure in 4×4 for Buchi Arta up to the beach of Cala Luna, cave of the Bue Marino
* Day 8: Transfer in Olbia and departure

Tips for Bike in Florence:

Florence is the most important city of Tuscany, its cycling paths are very good to visit all of its attractions.

The best way to visit the Florence City Center is by bicycle. You can enjoy the landscape, palaces, architectures, arts, people with your bicycle.

The city center is forbidden to cars, so you can go there renting a bycicle.

To park you bike you can use the bike stands all over Florence: In the train station, Piazza Strozzi, Via della Ninna near the San Lorenzo Market, Palazzo Vecchio and large public parking lots.

Read more…

Top Attractions of Apulia

Gargano’s white rocks have been sculpted by the sea, creating gorgeous natural caves and arcs.

Its mountain roads are curvy and perfect for medium to advanced bikers in search of adventures.

Serious bikers will want to tackle the tortuous road that circles the mountain, with stellar views along the way.

Inland on the mountain is Forest Umbra , a protected beech, oak, and pine forest with trails and campsites.

The wildlife here are only small animals, like roe-buck, fox, badger and wildcat.

The Foresta Umbra (Shady Forest) encompasses over sixty thousand acres, hundreds of animal species and two thousand plant species many normally associated with northern climes.

Monte Sant’Angelo ( here ) has been a major destination for pilgrims over the last fifteen hundred years.

Among them were St. Francis of Assisi and Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land.

An adventure tour of the east coast of Sicily island in Italy

Your adventure will be of 6 stages along 8 days/7 nights:

1° Arrival From Catania airport to Palazzolo Acreide, an important village on Iblei Mounts because its San Paolo and San Sebastiano Churches are included in Unesco World Heritage list.

2° Wake up and breakfast. From Palazzolo Acreide bike through Iblei Mounts until Cavagrande Canyon. Here the Cassibile river has created canyon and splendid waterfall where you can have a relaxing bath after hard biking.
After your lunch bag, in the afternoon bike until Noto Antica ruins, an archaeological site of the ancient village of Noto destroyed by an earthquake in 1693. Here you can see necropolis and the rests of the old village.
Return to your accommodation in Palazzolo Acreide.

3° Wake up and breakfast. Bike until Modica. The best thing after a long biking is tasting the Modica Chocolate. You can ask why you can taste it, and I tell you that this type of chocolate is the best because it is made with an old secret Aztecan recipe arrived here during Spanish domination.
Accommodation in Modica Hotel. After dinner visit the centre of this beautiful village. Here you can enjoy the beautifulness of the great village visiting the Dome and the Churches of an ancient atmosphere.

4° Wake up and breakfast. Bike along Irminio river’s valley until you’ll be in Ragusa Ibla, another site included in Unesco. Here visit the centre of the city.
Return to your accommodation in Modica.

5° Wake up and breakfast. Biking until Marzamemi, famous for its tuna fisheries. During the way you can admire almonds fields and cherry tomato cultivation.
Return to Modica through Noto Valley.

6° Wake up and breakfast. Short hike to Vendicari Natural Reserve where you can admire the beautifulness of a rare beach and different types of birds.

7° Wake up and breakfast. Bike to Syracuse. Accommodation in B&B in Ortigia, an Island in the centre of Syracuse. Important place to visit. In this site you will find another ancient scenario: Apollo temple, Greek theatre where have place INDA shows (National Institute for Ancient Drama) and Roman Amphitheatre used for gladiators fights. This is the last evening, and Syracuse will offer to you an unforgettable night walking on Ortigia’s streets.

8° Wake up and breakfast. Return to Catania airport by public bus.

Andrew Skurka’s Top 10 Hikes

Andrew Skurka has hiked the best trails more of this fine country than most of us will in a lifetime. Case in point, last year he walked 6,876 miles (11,066 kilometers), through 12 national parks, 75 wilderness areas, and five major mountain ranges, over seven months during his Great Western Loop hike

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